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  • תמונת הסופר/תNurit Shany

Where does the imagination travel in meditation, using Balanced breathing?

עודכן: 14 בדצמ׳ 2022

Balanced breathing is a trip through the inner spaces with a geographical description - a map.

Yes! There is a map that describes the inner space of all of us.

If there is a map it means that you can travel through your spiritual space.

At any age you can learn the map and perfect your ability to see and understand how reality is determined by your content spaces.

Who sets the map? The structure is taken from ancient wisdoms that were written down and are accessible to us in books.

The contents are determined by each of us personally, according to the life experience we have.

Is the structure permanent? Yes.

Are the contents fixed? No.

The contents are related to experiences and knowledge. Therefore, the more we know and experience, the more we travel in the growing inner space. As we get to know our contents and the structures, we also get to know how to manage ourselves in it, manage the contents out of experience and wisdom according to our will and influence our lives for the better.

In the inner space all the senses are directed inward, seeing feeling, hearing, thinking and sensing and the experience is very personal. There is everything there as in outer space, except that those who have not practiced introspection may encounter darkness, nothingness, fear, words and thoughts that block gates.

Practicing conscious breathing in yoga or "mindfulness" also turns the attention inward. Those who try to observe the core of being, in a peace of calm and silence, and do not practice meditation, may encounter words, feelings and thoughts, or fear that block the ability to be in tranquility.

This is where the "Gates of Wisdom" method comes in. Based on conscious breathing practice the method teaches how to direct attention to the inner spaces. You study the map, the division of the inner space into sub-spaces, you get to know the contents that fill each space and what determines their existence there and your imagination is used as a vehicle for your voyage.


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