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  • תמונת הסופר/תNurit Shany

The balance between worlds

The idea of other worlds lying beneath, behind or beyond the physical world is very familiar to us, and as an introduction to what I propose to put before you I want to widen the knowledge of some characteristics of these worlds so more aspects will come clear to us.

Fitting the sensation of the physical and spiritual bodies to each other

As you know, the world bordering upon that known to our ordinary consciousness is the so-called world of imagination. The world of imagination is far more inwardly mobile and flexible than our physical world with its clear cut lines and its sharply defines borders and separation of objects.

When the veil formed in our perception by the physical world is broken through, we enter an ethereal world, and when we experience this spiritual world, the feeling arises that we can expand beyond the sensation of our physical body and at once we are conscious of a different relationship with our sensation of the physical body. If before our physical body seemed to us fixed in its dimension, now we see that we can fit it to our sensation of the ethereal spiritual sensation. And if we feel we expanded during a mediation, we can expand the physical body’s sensation to our new ethereal dimension and in this way assimilate our spiritual growth into our daily activities.

The perception of the different bodies

The physical body’s sensation works as if it is a organ of perception by the senses touch, balance, vision, hearing, smelling. But we very soon realize that properly speaking it is not the physical body but the ethereal body that is the real organ of perception with its cognitive, intuitive and expressive abilities. The physical body merely provides a kind of scaffolding around the ethereal body. Being aware of our spiritual experiences we gradually start to live consciously in the spiritual bodies, to feel them as a sense organ which perceives the world of weaving, moving pictures and sounds. And then we are aware of them being related to our physical body. And our relationship to our physical body will be quite different from that which we were accustomed to before in our “ordinary” life. This is an experience to which attention must be called for.

The five spiritual bodies

When we relate to our ethereal-body as one we, in a way, fall into the same fixed perception as we had towards our physical body. There for I would like to draw your attention to the fact that spiritually we are a space, we are spatial beings, of potentially endless 3d dimension (or more). Human beings are in reality something altogether different from what we imagine them to be when we look at them only in the external appearance, enclosed in the skin.

We can divide the space into 5 bodies, that are sensed as realms or worlds and are sorces of action in at least seven fields of content.

The five bodies are:

The body-mind (Nefesh) that deals with the emotional and physical impulses and needs.

The spirit (Ruach) that deals with cognitive assimilation, mental and creative impulses and needs.

The soul (Neshama) that deals with the expiriences and lessons that change us and form our direction in our life plot.

The love for the creation and its beings (Haya), that deals with the urge to do good to our fellow beings and the evolution of the world.

The ability to feel one with the creator, (Yehida), that deals with the urge and yearning to ward infinity and the endless depth and vastness of the spiritual space and creation of which it is part of.

We learn the kaleidoscopic form of those bodies and how they relate and contain each other

Once we are aware of the five realms we can surf through our ethereal body in more accuracy.

Seeing virtual characters

As we get to know that the different fields of content that relate to our life, we become conscious that they are motivated by our spiritual bodies and that our images are an expression of our ethereal body talking to us in a symbolic language. At that stage we may give in more freely to our imagination. We may experience the appearance of humane personas who will act through us or teach us some knowledge very much the same as while dreaming but while being awake. At this stage we are aware of inner patterns in us that hold series of behaviors, abilities and talents that may be developed as part of who we are.

Since we no longer hold fixed perception of our physical body nor of an ethereal body, and we learned to maneuver through space those characters that emerge in use become an evolutional tool. There for I recommended to give them attention and learn how the express themselves through us in our daily life.

It is important to emphasize that whatever feeling arises during all the stages conscious breathing into infinite emptiness is always the place were we go to in our spiritual voyages, in order to rest in balance.

We must practice daily conscious breathing into emptiness in order to get acquainted daily to the law and flaw of change. Only by practice we can establish a correct relationship with our spatial spiritual self and the spatial surrounding and relate with more accuracy to the world around us with its complexity arranged in the kaleidoscopic retheme and cycles in the stream of endless change with out loosing the roots in form of reality.

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